Hacking jsFiddle


Working with CoffeeScript no longer requires to hack jsFiddle. Please visit Languages

Sometimes jsFiddle does not provide the feature you’d expect. Below is a small collection of possible, not harmful hacks.

CSS panel hack

If there is a need to edit the header one can close the style element and access the header. After all modifications please open the style tag again

/* your custom CSS \*/
<!-- access to the HEAD element -->

Inserting above code in CSS panel will change the CSS section of the header

<style type='text/css'>
/* your custom CSS \*/
<!-- access to the HEAD element -->

Working with PaperScript

In short: Fork http://jsfiddle.net/zalun/xvhFa/ to start a PaperScript fiddle.

Similar to CoffeeScript, Paperscript requires the script tag to be the type of text/paperscript and provide the id of the canvas element in the canvas parameter. Enter following into the HTML panel and you’ll be able to write Paperscript in JavaScript panel.

<canvas id="some-unique-id" resize keepalive="true" style='height: 200; width: 200;'></canvas>
<script>(function(){var s="script",n='\n',d=document,b=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[2].innerHTML.split(n);d.write('<'+s+' type="text/paperscript" canvas="' + document.getElementsByTagName('canvas')[0].id + '">'+b.slice(2,b.length-2).join(n)+'</'+s+'>')})()</script>

Please set the Code Wrap to no wrap(head) (default is onLoad) and Franework to No-library (pure JS).

As Paperscripts requires this hack to work we can’t add it to the list of frameworks yet. Add a link to https://raw.github.com/paperjs/paper.js/master/dist/paper.js as a Resource (External Resources).

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/zalun/LrGEm/12/

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