Currently our core source code is private, however there are additional ways that you can help us to improve.


We use GitHub to track bugs and suggestions for the platform.


If you think you have found one then please:

  • Create a Fiddle that shows the error occurring, if possible.
  • Share your example / problem with others, this will help us to evaluate the scope of the issue.
  • Check against the list of open issues to ensure that this has not been reported already.
  • As a result, if you feel your bug is valid, please create a new issue on GitHub.
We welcome your suggestions for the platform - however, please be aware that we have a firm roadmap for its continued development. The best way to share your suggestion is to create create a new issue on GitHub.


We use the jsFiddle-issues issue system for the live site and all jsFiddle related problems.


This documentation is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute.


More “gentle” contributions are also great. Please share your Fiddles, talk to us on one of the many channels and use the jsFiddle logo when writing about the platform.

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