Frequently asked questions

Code is working on jsFiddle, not on site/local machine

Please compare the source on your page with the Draft Page. Check if your script loads all the specified libraries (check for 404 errors using the web console in your browser). We do host some of the libraries, please upload them to your site before using.

How can I name a fiddle?

One can add the title to the fiddle in the Fiddle Options, but the hashtag in URL is always generated automatically.

What about a node/PHP/Python/ASP fiddle?

Our current goal is to help with front-end development. For back-end please use Ideone or JSApps.

Why jsFiddle is not working in IE6 (or other old browser)?

Editor is not designed to be working on old browsers. For testing purposes we’ve created the Draft Page feature. It will also help with testing on mobile devices.

Layout of windows is broken and I no longer can resize them

There is a bug which we can’t reproduce. Anyway the solution is to write following from the browser’s console: